FAQ — old

1. Q. Can you help me with my art and/or logo?
     A. The 10th Planet has a full-time in-house art department that is available to help with your
    design needs. Simple layouts and adjustments to existing art are typically at no charge.
    Extensive design is a service we provide.

2. Q. Where is the price break?
     A. 24, 48, 72, 144 and 576; please call for larger quantities

3. Q. Can I see a proof of my custom artwork before it’s printed or sewn?
     A. Yes; we email the proof for your approval before printing. Tell us what you like – or would
          like to change – and we will revise the proof and resend it to you for your approval.

4. Q. Is there a minimum order?
     A. No; we welcome all orders large or small. We have no set minimum; but generally the price
     per piece comes down as the quantity increases.

5. Q. How long will it take to complete my order?
     A. Once the order is placed, our production schedule is 7-10 business days. We accommodate
     rush orders daily, many times in 1 or 2 days. We guarantee promised dates.

6. Q. What is your least expensive t-shirt?
     A. The least expensive t-shirt we offer is white with a 1-color print on 1 location.

7. Q. How are garments priced?
     A. type of garment; color of garment; quantity of pieces; number of locations; color print is on shirt; number of ink colors for each location.

8. Q. What are your office hours?
     A. We are open Mon-Fri 8a-5p (EST)

9. Q. Are there any hidden or extra charges?
     A. No; we have found that customers want the bottom line.
     Everything is included in the price we quote.

10. Q. Is it less expensive to screen print or embroider?
       A. Screen printing is less expensive. On some smaller runs or pieces,
       embroidery can be less expensive.

11. Q. What are PMS colors?
       A. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. Give us a number from the Pantone book
       and we will match that to your ink or thread color.

12. Q. After my screen print order is complete, do you save the screens if I want to re-order?
       A. After the order is printed, the press is cleaned and screens are reclaimed.
       However, your art is kept on-file and available for use on future orders.

13. Q. How can I place an order?
       A. Call us toll-free @ 1-866-820-1010 between 8a-5p (EST); or email us at [email protected]

14. Q. Can I mix and match garments to increase the quantity of pieces I am ordering in order to get a price break?
       A. Yes; as long as they are receiving the same imprint, in the same location,
       with the same colors.

15. Q. How do you ship orders?
       A. We ship orders daily. Our main carriers are UPS and FedEx. If there isn’t a
       deadline on the order, we will use truck lines to save you money.

16. Q. What is appliqué; and do you provide this service?
       A. Appliqué is seen most often on a college sweatshirt. It involves laying
       down tackle twill lettering and sewing the letters.
       10th Planet is an expert in this type of embroidery.

17. Q. What are halftones?
       A. Halftones are a pattern of tiny dots that can simulate different shades of color,
       such as black and gray, which allows more colors in the design without adding more screens.

18. Q. Can I request a catalog?
       A. Yes; call us @ 1-866-820-1010 between 8a-5p (EST) or email us at [email protected] and we
       will send a catalog to you immediately.

19. Q. Do you have specialty print capabilities?
       A. We do many 4-color process jobs using the CMYK process.
       We are experienced in printing high end images.

20. Q. What type of art files do you accept?
       A. We prefer the following formats; but we can work with just about anything.
       EPS, Adobe Photoshop CS3 , Adobe Illustrator CS3, Corel Draw-Version x3, pdfs